Styling Your Family’s Outfits For Family Photos

Styling outfits can literally make or break how your photos turn out! They can affect the way your skin tone looks, the way your photographer edits, and how the background around you looks. Sounds dramatic- but they’re so important! It can be stressful and tedious to plan out the outfits, so start with these simple tips.

  1. Start with Mom’s outfit, and go from there. Yep- I know, sounds backwards, because mom’s usually put themselves last. Well this time, mamas, i’m giving you permission to start with yours! Your dress will take up the most space in the photos, and husbands are easy to follow. The kids outfits can coordinate with yours too. We are naturally more picky with our own selves and outfits, so find one you love and don’t leave itlast. I always vote longer and flowier dresses for moms, to capture movement in the dress. Dad’s will usually never go wrong in khakis with a tan, black, or white shirt so definitely leave them for last.
  2. Throw some small patterns in there. Patterns can feel intimidating because they look more like a statement piece, but a toddler dress with small floral print or another print can really add to the texture in the outfits.
  3. Always go for muted colors of regular colors. Don’t pick pink! Pick deep red. Don’t pick vibrant green! Pick a dark woodsy green. Avoid white too! Go for the cream. The list goes on with mustards over bright yellows
  4. Follow your photographers tones. If your photographer’s best photos all have warm tones, don’t expect the same result with different colors! Most of my photos have oranges, and warm yellows in them. I love when my clients wear shades of tans, browns, and yellows, but those photos look totally different then clients who wear whites and blues. If your photographer’s best photos have clients wearing greens and blues, then follow their lead! 
  5. When in doubt, just ask your photographer! You aren’t bothering us. We’d rather have creative control and respond to your emails prior to the session, then be disappointed when we’re editing and the outfits missed the mark. Some outfits are made to be photographed, but you wouldn’t wear them regularly. Ask us- We’re the experts!