Why you want to do a first look on your wedding day…

First look or no first look? Let me convince ya.

When I got engaged, I was convinced I didn’t want a first look. I had already been a wedding photographer for 2 years at that point, and had seen both sides but I thought I really wanted the “romantic” moment down the aisle seeing my husband for the first time, and did not want a first look. Well, then I started to see how much work and money a wedding was, and thought there’s no way in heck I’m not going to spend the whole day with my husband! After my own wedding, and being a photographer at over 60 different weddings, I am now confident that a first look is indefinitely the best option for brides + grooms for many reasons! Here’s a few…

  • Who do you want to spend your wedding day with? If the answer is your groom, the first look schedule gives that to you! Without a first look, you get very little time with your groom after the ceremony, and then the night flies by.
  • Without a first look, the day is always more stressful trying to avoid the bride and groom seeing each other. It’s always more chaotic and hectic.
  • Who do you want more photos with? If the answer is your GROOM, and not your bridesmaids then a first look schedule will also give you that! With a first look you can do photos before the ceremony in one location, after in a separate, and again at sunset! That offers a variety of backgrounds and opportunities for bride + groom portraits, but without a first look you have very limited time and options for photos.
  • Having a first look DOES NOT take away from the romance of walking down the aisle. I hear often “I really want him to see me and cry when I walk down the aisle.” Having a first look gives two cute opportunities for romance + tears. Grooms get emotional and sentimental all over again, and the walk down the aisle is still very special.
  • Having a first look puts the bride and groom at ease! There’s usually one person in every couple that is very on edge and nervous until they see their bride and groom, and having the first look help puts that person at ease much earlier in the day! Then they can continue to proceed with their day in a much better mood!

There’s just a few reasons of the many that I think all couples should do a first look! Send this to your bride friends, you bridesmaids, your mom, maid of honor, etc. and think it over!